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PIT Investment & Trust AG is an independent asset management company located for over 20 years in Baar (canton of Zug, Switzerland). You, as the customer, are central to our activities. According to your wishes and your needs, we advise you and manage your assets based on the investment strategy jointly defined. Confidentiality and trust are essential to us in the daily contact with our customers. Benefit from our experience and let us manage your investments without changing the bank relationship and without any additional costs.

We are a member of the self-regulatory organization Financial Services Standards Association (VQF) and the Industry Organisation for independent Asset Managers (BOVV).

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Asset management mandate

If you want to delegate investment decisions, we recommend our asset management mandate. As per your needs we define an investment strategy according to which we manage your assets. The results and investment strategy will periodically be discussed with you.

Advisory mandate

If you want to make independent investment decisions, however, take advantage of our expert opinion and support and choose an advisory mandate.

Asset overview

We will consolidate the assets you hold with the different financial institutions and analyse them in terms of your needs and with regard to potential risks.


Until March 2019 PIT Investment & Trust AG held the license for the Swiss financial advisor MoneyPark. Today, we still work closely with MoneyPark. This allows us to find you the best mortgage among the largest mortgage offer in Switzerland. 

Pension planning

Would you like to protect your family or save tax deductible? Our specialists analyze your situation and find the optimal pension planning solution for your needs.


Invest in our portfolio


The investment objective of the PIT Prime Strategy Fund is positive returns regardless of market and economic cycles. The fund seeks to achieve a dynamic "core satellite" approach and invests in carefully selected direct investments, mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds as well as funds of hedge funds and structured products. Thanks to its high level of diversification and integration of all asset classes, it meets the requirements of a holistic portfolio solution. Even non-PIT customers can subscribe to the fund in the reference currencies CHF and EUR.
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Pit Prime Strategy

Disclaimer of liability

Please make sure to read carefully the following legal details, as they refer to certain restrictions for this part of the website and the information therein. It is in your responsibility to adhere to all local regulations as well as the correct and truthful choice at the end of this disclaimer. The subsequent funds are not regulated by the Swiss Banking Commission and therefore not approved for public distribution in Switzerland. Investors are required to inform themselves about the risks, described in the prospectus, involved in investing in one of these funds. They need to be capable of affording substantial losses by investing in these products. The fund administrator will do everything possible, to minimize these risk by use of rigid criteria for the choice and control of the funds and through diversification of the implemented strategies involved. Notwithstanding it is possible that some investments of the funds might incur a total loss. An investment in these funds is not suitable for all investors. If considering an investment the investor should take into account his/her own financial circumstances as well as the adequacy of the investment as a part of his/her portfolio. If there are any doubts about the risks involved, which you enter by investing in either fund, or the content of the prospectus, you are required, before investing, to consult with a professional financial advisor. Investors have to be aware that the prices of the funds might go up as well as down. Therefore a historic positive performance is no guarantee for a future positive performance. The performance published does not include all commissions and/or costs, which can result from buying or selling the funds. Furthermore, assets in foreign currencies are subject to fluctuations in their cross rates.


  • The absolute return strategy aims to generate positive returns irrespective of market conditions - including stock market downwards or sideways movements. The dependence on market cycles is greatly reduced. The mandate is mainly set up with non-traditional investments such as hedge funds and funds of hedge funds. This mandate is managed in the reference currency CHF and is exclusively reserved to our PIT customers.
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The actively managed basket invests in global companies with strong fundamental data and a high and sustainable dividend yield. The focus lies on European and American equities from various sectors. The high level of diversification is ensured by low single stock weightings and diversified country, currency and sector allocations. The currency risk is not hedged. The basket components are reallocated quarterly to the original weighting. Dividends are reinvested.
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